Saturday, 13 September 2014

Change Your Life With Samsung Galaxy Note 3 And Galaxy Gear

Samsung has introduced two revolutionary devices i.e. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear to its valuable users. These two extra-ordinary gadgets guarantee you for power and performance. It means that if you've these two significant devices, you can make your everyday life easy and comfortable.

As per the industry experts, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the best Android smartphone in the world. Moreover, at a whopping about 6" long, this device is really larger than some oversized handsets such as Droid Maxx and HTC One. However, it doesn't mean that it looks oversized. This device can be easily fit into your back-pocket. Besides, its huge size, watching movies and playing games on its wide 5.7" display offers you fantastic viewing experience.

This smartphone never looks or feels clunky and odd when in hand. You might not have liked the plastic appearance of "Samsung Galaxy S4" but with faux-leather back, Galaxy Note 3 appears very graceful device and a desirable choice for you.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is prominent for having tremendous features. The device contains a Qualcomm Snapdragon Chip that clocked at 2.3GHz, and moreover, baked with a massive 3 GB of RAM. It runs on Android Jelly Bean operating system, which is a bit disappointing as there are some handsets available that runs on KitKat. Its powerful processor allows you run various functions and apps simultaneously. Note 3 device is also considered as a gaming machine since it comprises on-screen controls for better management. This incredible device is embedded with a 13 megapixel rear camera and 2 megapixel of front-facing camera. Hence, you can easily create videos of your favorite subjects with this device. Its secondary camera can be used for making video calls.

The most significant advancement that we have noticed in Note 3 is its S-Pen feature. This revolutionary feature allows you writing various notes at any point of time as per your requirements. The S-Pen can be found in an unnoticeable slot. By using S Pen, you can use its Action Memo feature. In our test, we have observed that using S-Pen is really easy and fast.

Apart from aforesaid advantages, the Note 3 has a drawback - its user interface. When we compare its user interface with other devices, we have noticed that it could've been improved a bit more. However, there are some positive points about this device too that help boosting overall productivity of the device. You can easily operate your television by using its WatchON app. Texting becomes very easy since Note 3 comes incorporated with an advanced "onscreen keyboard". While analyzing its drop down menu, we have found it a bit overcrowded. For instance, in case of using WatchON, you'll encounter with various apps so that you may probably lose the track where you should go. The most interesting and user friendly feature of Note 3 is its "Air Gestures" feature that enables you command the device even without touching it. The device also holds an eye-tracking feature just like Samsung Galaxy S4.

Now come to Galaxy Gear. Some people may be doubtful about having a Galaxy Gear. They may argue, what's the need of paying extra for such device. However, Galaxy Gear is especially designed for those individuals who are considered as ultra-modern or gadget geek. You can connect you Galaxy Gear SmartWatch to your Galaxy Note 3 via Bluetooth. You can do lots of things by using your "Galaxy Gear SmartWatch" such as capturing images, checking text or mails, making and receiving calls. However, for having such incredible device, you need to pay extra for it.